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C-Bus调光电源的工作原理解析 Working principle analysis of C-Bus dimming power supply

Dimming power supply
Many dimming power supplies of traditional lamps can also be applied to LED. It includes 0-10V analog dimming, Dali dimming. Installing a dedicated line to the dimmer with dimming information can improve dimming compatibility, because the dedicated line makes there is little or no mutual interference between the dimmer and the lamp. However, such dimming power sources are more complex and expensive, which is why they are common in commercial applications rather than residential applications.
C-Bus dimming power system is a distributed, bus type intelligent control system, which is mainly used for lighting system control. It can also be used for linkage with fire fighting, security, air conditioning, electric curtain and other equipment. All the unit devices (except the power supply) of the system are built-in microprocessors and memory units, which are connected to the network by a signal line (category 5 line), and the network communication rate connecting to the lighting controller is 9600bps. Each unit is provided with a unique unit address and its functions are set by software, and the load of each circuit is controlled by the output unit. The input unit establishes a corresponding connection with the output component through the group address. When there is an input, the input unit will convert it into a C-Bus signal and broadcast it on the C-Bus system bus. All the output units will receive and make judgments, and control the corresponding loop output. C-Bus system connects all unit devices into a network through control bus. The bus not only provides 36 V DC working power for each device, but also loads control signals. C-Bus makes the control switch and the output circuit establish the logic correspondence through the system programming, so it is more simple, convenient and flexible in the design.
Different lamps use different dimming power, traditional lamps mostly use SCR phase-shifting technology; for fluorescent lamps with electronic ballast, digital addressable dimming (Dali protocol) is used; for new LED lamps, DMX512 and Dall protocol are mostly used at present, and PWM is used for dimming.


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