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  • Beijing Financial Street Shopping Center
Beijing Financial Street Shopping Center
Beijing Financial Street Shopping Center, by the strong financial Street Holdings Co., Ltd.s Beijing Financial Street Shopping Center Co., Ltd. held in full, Jones Lang LaSalle to provide property management services. Financial Street Shopping Center is very concerned about the natural environment design, the consumer experience into the most important position.
        Ultra-high design of the five-storey leisure shopping malls, commercial projects rare and spacious public space, so that consumers enjoy a comfortable and bright shopping environment. Financial Street shopping center overall structure by the world-renowned US SOM company featuring design, the internal hardcover by the famous CID company to build. Unique transparent dome design for the introduction of natural light inside the shopping center, pouring down. Not only that, the outdoor landscape garden green water linked to the shopping center within the natural space, people feel is no longer reinforced concrete cold. Financial Street shopping center to break through the traditional 5 meters high, and the unique transparent corridor design, are only able to provide consumers with a close to the natural pleasure of shopping space.


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