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  • Sheraton Hefei Hotel
Sheraton Hefei Hotel
Hefei New Station Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel is located in the new station area North Second Ring Road and Tongling Road intersection 200 meters north, close to the ecological park, with a total construction area of 46,000 square meters, with 408 rooms and suites, is the new station area first five-star Class hotel. Hotel invested by Anhui Li Gang Investment Group invested 700 million yuan to invest in construction, in July 8, 2012 grand opening.
The hotels 3-floor restaurant and elegant lobby bar are all styled. Full-time restaurant "feast" is a vibrant restaurant, open kitchen supply of fresh dishes; Chinese restaurant "Cai Yue Xuan" for guests to enjoy delicious local cuisine and authentic Cantonese; Japanese restaurant "elegant" to Authentic Japanese-style cuisine to bring guests unparalleled gluttonous enjoyment. On the second floor of the hotel, there are 3,000 square meters of flexible meeting and multi-purpose space, including a 1355 square meters, can accommodate 940 people around the Grand Ballroom, is held in all sizes of romantic wedding, conference or exhibition The perfect choice.
All aspects of the hotel are designed to take into account the unique needs of the guests. The indoor pool, fitness center and cozy spa center allow guests to enjoy their own leisure time.
As the worlds top hotel, Hefei New Station Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel provides a good business environment, will greatly enhance the surrounding business atmosphere, strong purification and improve the surrounding commercial formats, effectively enhance the image and influence of regional cities, promote the northeastern region of Hefei modern service Industry development.


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