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  •  Haikou Sheraton
 Haikou Sheraton
Haikou Sheraton Resort & Spa is located on the west coast of Haikou in the central area of Qiongzhou Strait National Tourist Resort. It is a tourist, leisure, business and conference as one, to receive domestic, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tourists. Asia and other foreign tourists of the five-star spa resort hotel. The hotel has rich, beautiful natural resources. Swimming pool, hot springs are all reflected in the rich tropical natural style. There are 341 beautifully decorated guest rooms, including 36 luxurious suites with sea or garden views. Each room is equipped with a Sheraton White Sweet Sleeper Bed, a spacious work area, a large bath, an indoor spa, a separate tropical rainforest shower, a high speed broadband internet, and a private terrace.


Contact: Yuanqi

Phone: 15338092047

Tel: 020-28934226


Add: 49-50, West Road, Panyu District City, Guangzhou


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