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DMX constant current dimmable power supply

  • DMX dimmable led driver
DMX dimmable led driver

DMX dimmable led driver

  • dmx512 dimming
  • Product description: DMX dimmable led driver
Product Features and Benefits:
1.DALI dimming interface, compatible with 0 / 1-10V dimmer switch, dimming stability, no flicker, no light shaking;
2. Compatible with all kinds of dimming systems such as: Lutron, Bangqi, Qisheng, ABB, Crestron, Yonglin, dimming, flicker-free, 0-100% dimming;
3. dimming effect, dimming curve, dimming dark far beyond the market similar products;
4. Dimming can extend LED lamp life of more than 50%;
5. Input voltage 85-265V, no need to configure the LED transformer, simple and convenient;
6. With output short circuit protection, over power protection, overheating protection;
7. IP20 IP64 IP67 waterproof is not waterproof optional;
8.CE ROHS certification;

9. Three-year warranty.

Note: The output current, voltage can be customized according to customer requirements, the maximum power of this series can be done 150W.



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