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zigbee constant current dimmable driver

  • Zigbee led dimming power supply
Zigbee led dimming power supply

Zigbee led dimming power supply

  • Zigbee dimming
  • dimming
  • scene control
  • remote control
  • Product description: Zigbee led dimming power supply, available mobile phone, ipad, computer, wireless panel, to achieve a single light dimming control, scene control, group control, timing switch, timing dimming, remote
Product Features and Benefits:
? zigbee wireless dimming, dimming range 0-100%, dimming without flicker;
? wireless transmission, without the traditional complex wiring, saving wiring materials and labor costs;
? transmission stability, or stability, the transmission distance between the equipment more than 100 meters, can wear walls, wear floor, super stability;
? each device can communicate with each other, the transmission distance can be infinitely expanded;
? each device has an address, can achieve a single light dimming control, group dimming control;
? free to set the brightness scene, sub-sub-regional dimming control;
? no need for traditional timer, the system software to support timing dimming control;
? can support remote dimming control, control the light is not subject to time and place restrictions;
? support remote control, touch panel and other dimming control;
? can be in the computer / Ipad / mobile terminal control, support iOS / Android / Windows applications;
? CE ROHS certification;
? three years warranty.

Electrical parameters
Input voltage: 100-277V optional
Frequency: 50 / 60HZ
Output power: 3W 5W 7W 12W 15W 18W 30W 40W 50W 60W 80W Max
Output current: 100-2000mA Max

LED lights, LED lights, LED track lights, LED wall lights, LED flood light, LED ceiling lamps, LED panel lights, LED lights Cup and other constant current LED light source;



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