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DMX512-SPI decoder

  •  DMX-SPI decoder
 DMX-SPI decoder

DMX-SPI decoder

  • DMX-SPI decoder
  • DMX512-SPI decoder
  • DMX512 decoder
  • Product description: DMX-SPI decoder

DMX-SPI decoder, the DMX512 digital signal is converted to SPI (TTL) digital signal, you can use the DMX master control based on compatible LED driver IC design of LED digital lighting products, DMX console can control the LED lamps of each channel , To achieve 0-100% dimming or editing a variety of changes.
DMX-SPI-200 can switch 7 large IC types, support more different types of IC-driven lamps.
In addition to the DMX decoding function, the SPI master can be used with 35 general effects (15 simultaneous changes, 20 motion effects, motion change can also set forward or reverse direction), 4 Scene change effect, a full dynamic change effect of a large cycle, a scene dynamic change effect cycle, speed, brightness can be adjusted.
The same time as
Performance characteristics
● Switchable 7 categories of ICs to support more different types of IC-driven fixtures.
● Compatible IC types listed one by one, at a glance.
● According to different LED lamps can be free to switch RGB line order.
● can be used when the SPI master controller, built-in 35 changes.



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