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bet3365官方亚洲版-0-10V dimming system


Welcome: Guangzhou YOONDON Lighting Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
Language: Chinese ∷  English

0-10V dimming system

  • 0-10V dimming system
0-10V dimming system

0-10V dimming system

  • Product description: 0-10V dimming system
Product features and advantages
? wireless transmission, without the traditional complex wiring, saving wiring materials and labor costs;
? transmission stability, or stability, the transmission distance between the equipment more than 100 meters, can wear walls, wear flooring, super stability;
? each device can communicate with each other, the transmission distance can be infinitely expanded;
? each device has an address, can achieve a single light dimming control, group dimming control;
? free to set the brightness scene, sub-sub-regional dimming control;
? no need for traditional timer, the system software to support timing dimming control;
? can support remote dimming control, control the light is not subject to time and place restrictions;
? support remote control, touch panel and other dimming control;
? support frequency hopping technology to prevent interference with the same frequency;
? data support encrypted transmission;
? support human body mobile sensor, editable set people come light brightness state;
? Automatically changes the brightness through the light sensor built into the gateway;
? a gateway and an application to support more than 500 devices, more than 500, can add the gateway;
? can be in the computer / Ipad / mobile terminal control, support iOS / Android / Windows applications;

? now learn, simple and easy to install, get rid of the traditional dimming system only professionals can install the drawbacks of debugging, easy after-sales maintenance.



Contact: Yuanqi

Phone: 15338092047

Tel: 020-28934226


Add: 49-50, West Road, Panyu District City, Guangzhou


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